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Today's Remote Worker Deserves New Digs!


Big companies are looking for ways to cut costs in 2017.  With the rise of remote workers with flexible schedules taking advantage of modern technology, the need to be an office presence is dwindling for many professionals.

I’ve met a handful of people lately who’ve remarked that their company’s office is no longer hosting them.  Instead, they’re giving them the freedom (but also expense) of finding their own place to work. 

Many professionals thrive in coworking spaces but can’t afford the monthly memberships.  Or, they simply can't attend the office regularly enough to get their money's worth (work trips, bad commute, family responsibilities, etc.).  Ultimately though, the collaborative shared office is a staple of modern commerce and the concept is only growing.  Coworking is here to stay and you want to be part of it! How can you show your boss the value of working in this type of environment? 

1. First Impressions. 

Ever struggle finding a professional and impressive location for your solo consults or team meetings? The stationary and central locations of most coworking spaces, all-in-one amenities and office tools along with a physical mailing address and reception area, produce an established and successful vibe. It also looks good on your company - they care enough to set you up with a sweet spot.  Functionality is important, but a good aesthetic completes the package. 

2. Flexible leases and probationary periods.

Most spaces offer flexible member agreements so you can safely test out a workstation at little financial risk.  Convince your employer to give it a shot and then create a list of how your attitude and productivity regarding your work has improved. Associate your findings to monetary value.

3. Networking and relational opportunities. 

Suddenly, you’ve moved off your couch with your pet shih-tzu sitting on your lap and into a distraction-free professional habitat meeting humans face-to-face.  No, these people aren’t your stale co-workers in your old claustrophobic office, they’re geniuses from another industry, service or specialty.  They’re helpful creatives on the prowl for new projects, clients and partners.  They could even be your next golfing opponent, hobby-sharing friend, or dare I say... competitor! (Hey, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone). 

As you set out into the exciting world of 21st century business, I encourage you not to sell yourself short.  Know your value and don’t be afraid to ask for a place to work that will help you reach your full potential (and make your company’s goals)!

Click here to obtain a complete definition of Co-Working! 

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