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Music's Guide to a Good Day


It’s no secret at Modworks that we love music.  Chances are, you do too.  This article's sole purpose is to turn your humdrum daily routine into a vivid and fun musical journey. Or perhaps, you’re just looking for tips on freshening-up your played-out iTunes library.  Need some pointers on creating your next Spotify playlist? Here are seven stupendous steps to get you there:  


Stage one: Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey

            Even the peppiest early birds can have a bit of a wrestling match with Self getting out of bed on certain mornings.  Use technology to your advantage and sync up your inconspicuously-dope little Bluetooth speaker to your smartphone (think Jawbone's Jambox, Sonos, Alexa or Pill) and use music as your alarm clock.  Select a track that starts out smooth and ethereal as your eyes gently start to open.  Get stoked on your day as the song builds to an energetic and bouncy opening with uplifting lyrics.  Maybe sing along or do a jig as you make your way to the shower.  Getting out of bed is now something to look forward to.

Recommendation: Light the Skies


Stage two: The Commute

            Denver is now in a state to offer just about every mode of transportation you could ask for.  If you’re driving or cycling, make sure your next jam is turned down (For What!) enough to hear traffic cues. 

            If Driving: Gary Numan If Biking: Queen Train: Hot Since 82


Stage three: Gotta go to work, work, work

            Now you’re at your place of employment.  Some of you enjoy the productivity that silence brings, which is cool.  If you’re a white-noise fan, have a loud-mouthed neighboring co-worker or simply want to groove while you get things done, try something lightly playing in the background or on your headphones.  Lately at Modworks, we’ve been digging these channels on our Pandora station:

            Blackmill, Boards of Canada, Bonobo, Boombox, Caribou, Chromeo, Conjure One, Dzihan & Kamien, Empire of the Sun, Flume, Four Tet, George Michael, Jamiroquai, Kiasmos, Neil Young, Otis Redding, Purity Ring, Route 94, Salt-N-Pepa, The Human League, Thievery Corporation, Tom Petty, Tosca, UB40, Zero 7


Stage four: Trip home

            You’re off and ready to head to the gym or begin your evening’s social activities! Nice!

            Let's go!            

Stage five: Exercise and Social time

            Personally, I cannot work out without my choons. Pick anything that gets you fired up.  For lifting, maybe break out your more aggressive, syncopated playlists.  Hip Hop/Rap, Dubstep or Rock work.  For cardio or interval/rhythmic training, drop something with fast-paced tempos.  Trance and Drum & Bass DJ mixes on Soundcloud are my go-tos.  Once you’ve showered or arrived at your destination with friends, you’ll be totally keyed-up to enjoy the evening!


Stage six: Chillout & Dinner

            Maybe you chose to stay in tonight- no biggie, we all need that introverted time or quiet dinner at home with your significant other.  Set the mood with something chill or funky: Marian Hill, Kygo


Stage seven: Bed

            Time to wind down and get your mind ready for peaceful rest.  Blank & Jones and ATB have amazing chillout and electronica tracks.  Schiller is another talent to check out. Finish the music session by putting on some deep sleep meditation/hypnosis vocals by wonderman, Michael Sealy if you’re having trouble falling asleep.


 Tomorrow, put your newfound music routine to good use and have another bombastic day! You’re welcome.  

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