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Member Interview: Tasha King with Boundre


Everyone that winds up at Modworks always has an interesting backstory - what's yours?  Where you were born, where have you gone and what brings you to Denver?

I'm actually one of those rare Denver natives! And very happy to be home—I just moved back from New York City where I managed business development for an international law firm. I've worked for about 15 years in marketing, sales, corporate communications, and business development, but I've consulted in a really broad range of industries—really everything from music & fashion to textbook publishing & health care law.

I've bounced back and forth between Denver and New York for most of adult life, first to Syracuse for college and now I go back for client workshops and meetings every three months. My mom recently found an old piece of my first grade school work that said I planned to live in New York City when I grew up—I have no idea why New York was even on my radar then, but I appreciate the fact that I'm so goal-oriented. Ha!

What do you like about coworking in Denver? How has it helped you so far? 

Being part of a community is really important to me and I really appreciate having a flexible workspace that can grow as my business grows.

Tell us a little about what your career path has looked like over the last 5 years and enlighten us a bit about Boundre. 

One of my (many) responsibilities while at the law firm was to design and implement development programs for our junior attorneys—they're expected to bring in new work to the firm and, for many of them, that was a total surprise. And not a happy one. I also partnered directly with senior leadership to develop the greater business growth strategy for several offices and practice groups. 

Many of the attorneys I worked with were deeply-educated and experienced in their legal craft, but really struggled with selling their services. Or they were overwhelmed, working constantly and not seeing equal results, unorganized, or just not taking care of themselves. I was really helping my clients achieve their goals and find more balance in their work and lives, but the firm wasn't very generous with that type of support—I could only work with a select few attorneys, while many of their colleagues struggled. It was really a sink-or-swim kind of environment.

Boundre offers that same, elite sales and business growth training. I still work with a lot of attorneys—individually and through their firms—but the program is designed specifically for a diverse group of entrepreneurs, creative freelancers and professional services advisors, like real estate agents, accountants and financial consultants. I (selfishly) wanted to mix it up and get back to working with those same boot-strappers and creative types that I consulted before my foray into Big Law. But those groups actually have a lot in common—it's crucial that they're excelling and innovating in their chosen fields and crafts, but it's also part of their job to package and sell themselves.

In a lot of ways, Boundre feels like an ultra-productive mastermind group. They work pretty closely together in small-group workshops every quarter to learn, share solutions and develop unique, ultra-realistic plans for getting traction toward their goals. We all end up developing really deep bonds with each other and it's deeply fulfilling to see my clients grow their businesses, their networks...their confidence. They're really knocking it out of the park.

You're a bright and positive person - what gives you your light and passion? What energizes you? 

Oh, man... I like hearing those things, because it keeps my head on straight! There are so many reasons to get all wound up, anxious and just bitch and gripe all the time. And I'm definitely not "bright and positive" ALL of the time... But I work really hard to find time for reflection and get some chilled-out alone time, since I end up spending most every other hour of my life coaching, networking, and socializing. And I actively study the human brain, social behavior, and business theory. Knowing more about why things and people work the way they do, makes the world is a lot less frustrating.

But, seriously and boringly, LOADS of sleep, meditation, yoga, healthy food and movement. (Mostly to counterbalance the several week stretches of doing the exact opposite, ha!)

We've loved having you become part of our community of members here.  Tell our readers a little about the consulting events you're doing at Modworks currently.

Like I said, I'm really big on community and contribution. Especially with all of us being such small teams or flying solo! I'd like to be seen as a Modworks colleague and resource in all things sales, networking, marketing, business growth, and professional development. If you ever have a question or need a partner in brainstorming, don't hesitate to call on me!

Through the end of July, I'll also be offering complimentary one-hour consults and hosting open office hours to game out whatever is on your plate—next is July 31, from 1–4! 

But giving my time and attention is really just a shortcut—I'm mostly just excited to dive in and get to know everyone! And, one day, truly... use that nap room.

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