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Member Highlight - Nelson Harris


Meet Nelson! Nelson has been a member at Modworks for about a year and a half. Here is a little more about Nelson and the company he works for,!



1. What is the company you work for and what do they do?


I work for, a digital consultancy specializing in open source website strategy, design, and development. Our main client base is in Healthcare, Higher Education, and Government. We're a fully remote company, and everyone works from home all across the country! 


2. What is your role at the company and what do you do?


I'm the Sales Manager here. Most often that means speaking to marketers at large organizations that have been tasked with building or improving their website. Often times this is a huge organizational change and often times my clients' jobs will depend on doing it right! 


3. What kind of membership do you have at Modworks? How did you decide on which membership to go with?


I used to live right on 16th street a few blocks from Modworks, so I had a dedicated desk to get me out of my tiny studio apartment. I recently moved to Uptown and got a puppy, so I switched to a hot seat for a bit until I have a more consistent schedule! 


4. What is your favorite thing about Modworks?


Without a doubt, the community. Everyone I've met in the building has been so nice, and I've made a few very close friends that I met through being a member here. Emily and John have been so incredible and accommodating, always hosting fun events and making sure I have everything I need! 


5. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?


I love to sing and write, record, and perform music! I'm in a 90s cover band called Nothing But Nineties. Check us out at Come see a show sometime! 

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