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Denver's Best Secret Bars... Well Not So Secret Anymore!


-       Williams & Graham Booksellers

o   Located in LOHI this Speakeasy may not be the best kept secret anymore however it boasts an exclusive feel and some incredible cocktails. With a limited number of proprietors allowed in at a time you have to wait your turn before being escorted through a secret door and into a swanky bliss where conversations and drinks abound.

-       Peaks Lounge

o   If you don’t know about it you will have a hard time tracking this place down. Located on the 27th floor of of the Hyatt Regency the Peaks lounge offers the best views of any bar in Denver. The “View House” simply cannot compete. You don’t have to deal with the bro college crowd either. This is a sophisticated atmosphere with some expensive drinks. If you need to impress a partner this is a sure spot to do so. My one recommendation would be to dress appropriately.

-       Old Major

o   More known for the food. Less known for the epic whiskey list. If you enjoy Whiskey this is a must. Happy Hours are quiet and not particularly crazy. They have a few select cocktails that are fantastic but yours truly goes for the Whiskey… Did I mention the whiskey? I love Whiskey… Maybe I have a problem… Oh well, life is to short to drink shitty booze.

-       Green Russell

o   In one of the most historic areas of LODO the Green Russell sits nestled secretly off of Larimer Square. This destination is a cocktail lovers dream where the Mixologists are constantly creating new experiences. Designed for comfort and conversation this establishment is a must for anyone looking to take a moment and enjoy the company of other like minded individuals.

-       The Cruise Room

o   The Cruise Room is a post-prohibition historic spot. Not much has changed since the prohibition repeal. It is still an excellent place to enjoy a martini or feel nostalgic for the good ol days of the 30’s that you never experienced. Located in inside the Oxford hotel this is a must visit spot. I hope you enjoy red… You will see.  

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